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The Finger of The Right

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Money, Sports, Uncategorized

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer confronts President Obama moments after he lands in a Phenoix airport.

In a world where we are exposed to media on a near constant basis, the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” seems outdated and cliche. Between 24 hour news channels and the internet we are inundated with images so quickly that we rarely take the time to do more than glance at them and briefly attempt to digest them before the next one comes along. The image above, however, warrants some level of deeper observation and reflection about the true state of our union.

Less than 24 hours after delivering his annual State of The Union Address, President Barack Obama landed in an Arizona airport where he was met by Governor Jan Brewer. The bad blood between the two got its’ start after the Governor called Obama’s demeanor during a meeting last year “condescending.” The President took issue with her opinion assessment which evidently compelled Brewer to confront the President.

It is both alarming and appalling to think that the political climate of this country has deteriorated to the point where anyone, let alone another elected official, has the audacity to approach the President of the United States in this manner. This is the type of behavior one would expect from a cast member of Bad Girls Club or Mob Wives, not someone elected to political office.

This is just another example of the unparalleled level of disrespect this President has had to deal with in the last three years. There was South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson shouting “you lie” as President Obama addressed Congress. More recently Congressman Sensenbrenner attempted to make fun of Mrs. Obama’s behind. And don’t expect this to change anytime soon as we have already seen Republican Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich refer to Obama as “The Foodstamp President.”

The sad thing about the whole ordeal is that this will likely up Gov. Brewer’s national profile among many conservatives. There will be those who see her hand hand inches from the President’s face and cheer her on for “taking the fight to Obama.” That’s what this election is about for them. Not taking the country in a positive direction, which the President is already accomplishing. Not settling the inequalities that allow Warren Buffet to pay a lower percentage of taxes than his secretary. That is the sole reason Gingrich’s prospects for becoming the Republican Nominee are looking better and better every day. The good thing is, the Republican’s hate for Obama is pushing the party further to the Right and making a second Obama term increasingly likely.


A new poll by The Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation reveals African-American women put less of an emphasis on the importance of marriage then their White Counterparts.

We’ve all read the news features attempting to illuminate the reason as to why there are so many single African-American women.  A recent survey by The Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation  suggests that African-American women place less of a value on marriage than their White female counterparts and both Black and White men.

In an article titled Survey Paints Portrait of Black Women, the Post revealed that just 40 percent of Black women polled viewed getting married as “very important” compared to 55 percent of White women, 47 percent of Black men and 54 percent of White men. They were also the most likely to think that marriage was not important at all. Very interesting stuff. The study also showed that Black women place a higher value on free time, being religious and being attractive than the other three demographic groups polled.

This very revealing study leads me to question whether the reason for the marriage gap in the black community is the cause for these attitudes or whether these attitudes are the reason for the marriage gap? Have three hundred plus years of attacks on the Black family structure, by both internal and external forces, made African-American women give up on the idea of marriage as a real possibility for themselves? Listen to the analysis of Towan Isom, a 39 year-old who owns a public relations firm in D.C.

“I can go to school. I can be successful. I can make money. I can have a career. That is in my power to control,” she said. “Finding a husband — that would be great, but that’s not in my power to control.”

Certainly one can live a good, fulfilling life without being married. But I would argue that out of all the ethnic groups in America, African-Americans would benefit the most from a two-parent family structure. The two parent structure not only provides children with the best change for success, it also allows the pooling of financial resources which is especially critical in times of financial crisis such as these. Just look at the chart on this page.

I find it very disheartening when women feel that marriage is less important than men. Not because I’m a chauvinist, but simply because I think women under-estimate their impact on men. I’m convinced that when it comes to relationships, a male’s standards are largely determined by the demands put on him by the pool of females he interacts with.  If women up their standards and expectations, men will follow suit.

But that’s my two cents. How important is marriage to you in the year 2012? Does this poll accurately reflect the views of yourself or African-American women you know.