Before the NBA Playoffs began, Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson made a statement that raised some eyebrows around the NBA. He did it again after his young stars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson led the team to an upset win over the San Antonio Spurs in Game Two of their Western Conference Semi-Final series:

I said I’ve got the greatest shooting backcourt that’s ever played the game,” he said. “Call my bluff.”

Are Klay and Steph the greatest shooting back court tandem of all time? That would probably take lots of research and analysis. Perhaps a more appropriate statement  would have been…


So, with that in mind, let’s look back at some of the best light-skinned backcourts of all-time. We’ll let the people decide:

Muggsy Bogues and Dell Curry, Charlotte Hornets (88-97)

Muggsy and Dell made the Hive go “Ayye” in the early-to-mid ’90s.

In the early days of the Charlotte Hornets, Steph and Seth’s dad and Muggsy Bouges were two of the more popular members of the team. Before there was Grandmama and Zo, Muggsy and Dell were the face of the Hornets.

Mark Jackson and Reggie Miller, Indiana Pacers (94-96, 97-2000)

They weren’t the most athletic bunch, but Mark Jackson and Reggie Miller were a tough out in the playoffs every year.

Mark Jackson knows a thing or two about great light-skinned backcourts, as he teamed up with Reggie Miller to lead one of the most heady, if athletically-challenged backcourts of the late ’90s.

Jason Kidd and Jimmy Jackson, (94-96)

The inability to capitalize on the talent of Jason Kidd and Jimmy Jackson haunted the Dallas Mavericks until they won the ‘chip in 2011. Oh, and Jamal Mashburn was here for the pic too.

The Dallas Mavericks were awful for the entire decade of the nineties, consequently giving them top ten draft picks pretty much every year. Kidd and Johnson were picked two years apart and teamed with Jamal Mashburn to form a trio that Dallas hoped would lead it to the promised land. Well, that didn’t exactly happen, and as a result, we have the most disappointing duo on this list. (See, we won’t even mention Toni Braxton….Ooops).

Mike Bibby and Doug Christie, Sacramento Kings (00’s)

Before Christie was Jackie’s husband, he teamed with Mike Bibby to form one of the brightest backcourts of all-time.

This pair was an intregal part of those memorable Sacramento Kings squads that had the misfortune of peaking at the same time as Shaq and Kobe’s Los Angeles Lakers in the early 2000s. Alas, Christie will probably be better remembered for being the husband of Jackie Christie than his stellar career as a defensive specialist. 

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors (’12-Present)

This backcourt’s future is as bright as their…well, you get the picture by now.

The spawn of former NBA players, Curry (Dell) and Thompson (Mychal) have provided Golden State with the most excitement since its epic 2007 playoff run.


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