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When the Los Angeles Lakers open up the 2011-2012 season against the Chicago Bulls next weekend, there will be some lineup changes in the Player’s Wives’ section of the arena. Not only is Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian going to be gone, but so will Vanessa Bryant. Yesterday news broke that the 29 year-old wife of superstar Kobe Bryant filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage. The two met on the scene of a music video back in 1999 and their short romance quickly turned serious as the pair was married shortly after her high school graduation the next year.  The 21 year-old guard opted not to sign a prenuptial agreement. With the world and Bryant’s parents against them, the couple seemed to be doing just fine as Bryant pumped out babies and championships in the next four years.

Then came 2003’s sexual assault allegations. Rumor had it that Vanessa was ready to split then, but then Kobe copped heavily jeweled ring worth a reported $4 million and all seemed to be well in Bryant land. But on December 16, Vanessa filed the papers for divorce, likely signaling the end of their marriage.

With no prenupt, there’s no telling how much bread Kobe’s gonna have to break off to Vanessa. According to, Bryant has made almost two hundred million in NBA salary, in addition to the tens of millions he’s made with endorsements. I’m thinking Vanessa may get something close to the $96 million that Shaq’s ex-wife, Shaunie O’Neal got a few years back, give or take a few million.

Bryant isn’t the first athlete to get caught with his pants down and no prenuptial, and he definitely won’t be the last. Every time I hear of some athlete getting divorced with or without a prenuptial, I have to ask– Why The Hell Did You Get Married? Think about it, you’re a young, muscular millionaire with women practically trying to rip the pants off of you at every turn. Unless you have A.C. Green-like willpower, why go before God and Man and promise to be faithful???

This is not to say that these athletes don’t love the women they marry, but we all know that some of the most rabid cheaters love their wives to death. When it ends badly, as most of them do, not only do you lose her, you also lose the kids and much of the money you worked so hard to accumulate. And let’s not forget your privacy! In this age of Twitter, Tell All Books and Reality TV shows, you can believe your  business will be out on the street!

On the flip side, if you’re a female being pursued by a professional athlete, are you really expecting him to stay faithful to you? Yes, he’s telling you that he loves you. He may even mean it. But the reality is that most men are only going to turn down so much of the good stuff. Especially a young, rich athlete who is constantly being stroked by everyone from his agent to his mother and feels he’s invincible, on or off the court.

For all the talk about women loving harder than men, it seems like they also think of the business end of the marriage much more fervently than their husbands. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Vanessa chose to stay with a 25 year-old Kobe in his prime after her husband’s infidelity was highlighted in the media yet she is divorcing him at 33 and no confirmed reports of adultery? Maybe they just grew apart as sometimes happens. Then again, maybe she knew Bryant had at least six or seven peak years and two major contracts left? She stands to gain much more financially now than she did eight years ago. I’m just saying….

Moral of the story-love and money don’t mix, at least not for a professional athlete. If you don’t believe me, ask Eddie Murphy. Be honest with yourself, protect yourself and by all means, don’t get married until you retire!!!